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We are bringing together important coronavirus information for you.

Each of our resources starts with a plain language summary of the source material. The summary includes how the information affects and relates to people with disability.

Each resource will also include a link to the source material and the government department or organisation responsible for it. As well as tips for advocates and what next steps you might want to take.

How to find the resource you need

Use the Categories menu on the right to find resources according to topic.

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  • Easy Read resources to support learning from home during coronavirus

    Tuesday May 12 2020

    A lot of schools around Australia are closed at the moment. This means that children and parents are having to manage learning from home. The Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education has developed a new resource about learning at home during coronavirus. They’ve put together information to help students with disability and their families organise and […]

  • Coronavirus advice for people with disability

    Monday May 11 2020

    The Australian Government has released new advice for people with disability as part of its coronavirus (COVID19) planning for people at risk. The resource brings together information about what people with disability can do to keep safe during coronavirus and links to the Government programs and services that are available. The information explains why people […]

  • Coronavirus apps to help keep you safe

    Monday May 11 2020

    In an effort to slow the spread, keep us informed and keep us safe from coronavirus, the Australian Government has developed two apps. You can download the apps for free on your smart devices (mainly smart phones or tablets like iPads). We explain the difference between these apps below. Coronavirus Australia app The Coronavirus Australia […]

  • NDIS Access Request Form is now online

    Thursday April 30 2020

    To apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) most people need to fill out an Access Request Form (ARF). We have been asking for the ARF to be put online since the NDIS started, and now it finally is. Having the form available online means that people can easily access and fill out the […]

  • JobSeeker Payment and the DSP

    Tuesday April 28 2020

    A lot of people have been asking about whether they should switch to the JobSeeker Payment from the Disability Support Pension (DSP) during coronavirus. The DSP helps support people (16 or over) who have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that stops them from working. People on the JobSeeker Payment will be getting an […]

  • Disability Helpline

    Tuesday April 28 2020

    If you have any questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it’s affecting people with disability, you can call the Disability Information Helpline. The Disability Information Helpline provides information and referrals for people with disability, their families, carers and supporters. The Helpline is free, private and fact-checked. Helpline staff can answer your questions about: what coronavirus […]