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We are bringing together important coronavirus information for you.

Each of our resources starts with a plain language summary of the source material. The summary includes how the information affects and relates to people with disability.

Each resource will also include a link to the source material and the government department or organisation responsible for it. As well as tips for advocates and what next steps you might want to take.

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  • Disability Support Pension

    Thursday April 23 2020

    The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is an income support payment that helps support people (16 or over) who have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that stops them from working as much as they need to. The Australian Government is making some changes to help people on the DSP during coronavirus. Extra payments Economic […]

  • JobKeeper Payment and the DSP

    Thursday April 23 2020

    The JobKeeper Payment helps cover the costs of wages for businesses significantly affected by coronavirus. If you are an employee, you may be able to receive the JobKeeper Payment, even if you already receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP). This includes if you work at an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). If your employer can claim […]

  • Group homes and social distancing

    Wednesday April 22 2020

    The Federal and state governments all agree that the best way to stop, or slow, the coronavirus from spreading is for people to stay at home. All Australians must stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go outside. If you have to go outside, you need to stay at least 1.5 meters away from other […]

  • Advocacy groups call for ADEs to close and keep workers safe

    Wednesday April 22 2020

    Workers with intellectual disability and their families are worried about getting coronavirus. They’re worried there is a high risk of catching it at their Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs). Three advocacy groups put out a joint media release about these concerns on 2 April 2020: Inclusion Australia (IA) Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) Women With Disabilities […]

  • Blue Knot Foundation

    Wednesday April 22 2020

    The Blue Knot Foundation is funded by the Australian Government to provide free phone counselling and support for people with disability, families and supporters during the Disability Royal Commission. The Australian Government has now decided that people with disability and families can also receive support from the Blue Knot Foundation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. […]

  • The Australian Government’s plan to protect the health of people with disability

    Wednesday April 22 2020

    There are groups in our community who are more at risk of getting coronavirus, such as people with disability. The Australian Government has written a plan to help keep people with disability safe. Why do we need to protect people with disability? People with disability have a higher risk of getting coronavirus because they might: […]