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Stay up-to-date with the latest news affecting people with disability around Australia. We’ll provide plain language summaries of what’s happening so you can get your information quickly and easily, and get on with the job of advocating for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

  • A guide to support people who have been through trauma

    Tuesday August 18 2020

    The Australian Government is providing funding to create a best practice guide for the disability sector to better support people with disability who have been through trauma. The Blue Knot Foundation will develop the guide that will help organisations and workers understand trauma and provide trauma-informed care to people with disability. People with disability experience […]

  • VALID Easy Read coronavirus news

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    The Victorian Advocacy League For Individuals With Disability (VALID) has released the latest news about coronavirus in Easy Read. It has information about the latest lockdown in Melbourne and the rules we need to follow, including: staying at home unless you need to: get food exercise go to the doctor get medicine keeping away from […]

  • Melbourne goes back to stay-at-home restrictions

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    On 7 July, the Victorian Government announced the return to a Stage 3 lockdown for people living in metropolitan Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell. The lockdown will last for six weeks, from 11.59pm on Wednesday 8 July until 11.59pm on Wednesday 19 August. This decision comes as the number of Victorians diagnosed with coronavirus […]

  • Animation explains how to stay safe during coronavirus

    Tuesday May 26 2020

    Speak Out Advocacy has produced an engaging, short animation that explains coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to stay safe. The animation uses simple words and images to quickly and clearly explain what we all need to do to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The animation covers: social distancing cleaning and good hygiene staying home where […]

  • What’s changing with social distancing restrictions?

    Monday May 11 2020

    After weeks of strict stay at home and social distancing rules, some states have started to ease their restrictions. This comes as the Federal government announced a national three-step plan to relax coronavirus restrictions on 8 May 2020. However, individual states and territories will decide exactly when they put these changes in place. Step 1 […]

  • Government’s slow coronavirus response for people with disability

    Wednesday April 22 2020

    People with disability are some of the most vulnerable people in Australia when it comes to coronavirus. Australian advocacy groups have been lobbying governments since mid-March for a targeted response to protect people with disability. Despite a slow response, this work has now partly paid off. The Australian Government has come up with a plan […]