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Stay up-to-date with the latest news affecting people with disability around Australia. We’ll provide plain language summaries of what’s happening so you can get your information quickly and easily, and get on with the job of advocating for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

  • Regional Victoria lowers restrictions

    Wednesday September 23 2020

    At 11.59pm on 16 September, regional Victoria moved into the Third Step in the government’s road map. Regional Victorians can now leave their homes whenever they like and can travel within regional Victoria. Though they still can’t travel to metropolitan Melbourne except for work, study or care. The general principles on how to keep you […]

  • What are the current travel restrictions between states?

    Wednesday September 23 2020

    Each state and territory has different travel restrictions in place. Some states have closed their borders and will only allow exceptions for emergency services, freight delivery, medical appointments, employment and compassionate reasons. What you need to do to access one of these exemptions also varies state to state. Australian Capital Territory The ACT doesn’t have […]

  • Mutual obligations to start up again

    Wednesday September 23 2020

    On 28 September, mutual obligations for people receiving payments like JobSeeker and Youth Allowance will start up again. This doesn’t include people who live in Victoria. The Australian Government suspended mutual obligations in March because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Mutual obligations include things like: going to appointments with employment services applying for jobs training voluntary work. […]

  • Changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker will mean more people can get both

    Wednesday September 23 2020

    The JobKeeper payment and the JobSeeker coronavirus supplement are being reduced over the next week. This means that thousands of people will face a substantial cut to their income. However, this also means that some people receiving JobKeeper will be able to get an income support payment like JobSeeker, because of changes to the amount […]

  • A new Disability Response Centre for coronavirus

    Tuesday September 8 2020

    The Australian and Victorian governments are working together to improve how they respond to, and manage, coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks in disability residential care. To do this, they are focussing on supporting staff and services to limit the number of places a staff member can work, as well as improving how they manage outbreaks through a […]

  • Understanding the roadmap for reopening – regional Victoria

    Tuesday September 8 2020

    The Victorian Government released its coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap for reopening on 6 September with different steps for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. From 14 September, some restrictions will be eased. However, the base principles for keeping safe will stay the same for now. You will still need to: wear a mask or face covering stay […]