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Stay up-to-date with the latest news affecting people with disability around Australia. We’ll provide plain language summaries of what’s happening so you can get your information quickly and easily, and get on with the job of advocating for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

  • Disability advocate shares her experience getting the COVID vaccine

    Wednesday June 30 2021

    Tara Elliffe is a disability advocate who is sharing her experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine and encouraging others to “get the jab”. “My message is to be brave and have the jab. It’s okay. Just do it,” she said. Tara has Down syndrome and wants to encourage other people with disability to get their COVID-19 […]

  • Update on Australia’s vaccine rollout

    Wednesday June 30 2021

    The Australian Government continues to publish daily information about Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The data it’s releasing includes a detailed infographic and presentation on the vaccine doses that have been given across Australia. As of 30 June, 7,806,975 vaccine doses have been given. The data includes daily vaccination numbers and is also broken down into: […]

  • New patient assessment for a COVID-19 vaccine

    Wednesday June 30 2021

    On 18 June, the Australian Government announced two new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items (10660 and 10661). These two new items will support general practitioners and other medical practitioners to provide in-depth clinical assessments for patients over 50 years old. This assessment will look at the patient’s health risks and the benefits of receiving a […]

  • Lockdowns around Australia

    Wednesday June 30 2021

    As COVID-19 cases continue to spread, lockdowns have been announced across the country to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes in Southeast Queensland and the state’s regional cities, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. People who live in these areas are only allowed to leave their homes for five reasons: […]

  • The Australian Government announces that people under 40 can now get AstraZenenca 

    Wednesday June 30 2021

    The Australian Government has announced that anyone under the age of 40 can now go to their GP and ask for the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is a massive change to the nation’s vaccine program. Previous medical advice meant that many younger Australians were not able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is due to the […]

  • Disability sector alert from the Australian Government – 19 May

    Thursday May 20 2021

    On 19 May, the Australian Government sent the latest disability alert. These alerts give regular updates to the disability sector about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.  Updated information for people with disability The Department of Health has updated its webpage of vaccination information for people with disability. The updates include extra information on the different ways […]