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  • The social bubble – what is it?

    Tuesday September 8 2020

    As part of the Victorian Government’s plan to gradually ease out of Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne and Stage 3 in regional Victoria, people will soon be able to create a ‘social bubble’. From 14 September, people living alone and single parents will be allowed to choose one person from another home to visit. This […]

  • Activities for Melburnians under Stage 4

    Tuesday August 18 2020

    Under Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, people will now be at home more than ever. Particularly as people are now only allowed to exercise for one hour per day and within 5km of their homes. To help we’ve put together a list of apps and things people can do to keep themselves and their families […]

  • Disability Royal Commission coronavirus public hearing

    Tuesday August 18 2020

    The Disability Royal Commission’s fifth public hearing is about the experiences of people with disability during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This includes how the virus has affected them and their services. Although it’s closed to the public, the hearing is being livestreamed from the Commission’s website and video of the hearing will be available on […]

  • Updated Easy Read information about masks

    Tuesday August 4 2020

    With masks now mandatory in Victoria and strongly encouraged in New South Wales, the Australian Government has released updated Easy Read information about wearing a mask during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It includes information about: who should wear a mask who doesn’t need to wear a mask what type of mask you should wear how […]

  • Mental health support during coronavirus

    Tuesday August 4 2020

    In an effort to support people’s mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Government has announced an increase to its existing Medicare subsidised psychological therapy sessions. From 7 August 2020 until 31 March 2021, people will be able to access up to 20 therapy sessions, instead of the usual 10. These sessions will be […]

  • Easy Read information about Stage 4 restrictions

    Tuesday August 4 2020

    On Sunday 2 August, the Victorian Government announced further restrictions for people living in Melbourne for the next six weeks. These restrictions are part of Stage 4 and include: A curfew from 8pm until 5am – this means you can’t leave your home unless: you need to go to work you need essential healthcare services […]

  • How to wear a mask safely during coronavirus

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    The Australian Government has released a new Easy Read resource explaining why people wear masks and how to wear them safely. This information is about disposable masks. If you choose to wear a mask, there are things you must do to make sure they are effective. This includes: washing your hands before you put the […]

  • Disability Royal Commission public hearing about the coronavirus

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    The Disability Royal Commission has announced a public hearing for people to talk about their experiences during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Commission wants to hear from people with disability, peak advocacy groups, public health and disability experts, as well as government representatives. The public hearing will look at whether governments around Australia were prepared […]

  • VALID Easy Read coronavirus news

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    The Victorian Advocacy League For Individuals With Disability (VALID) has released the latest news about coronavirus in Easy Read. It has information about the latest lockdown in Melbourne and the rules we need to follow, including: staying at home unless you need to: get food exercise go to the doctor get medicine keeping away from […]

  • Melbourne goes back to stay-at-home restrictions

    Tuesday July 14 2020

    On 7 July, the Victorian Government announced the return to a Stage 3 lockdown for people living in metropolitan Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell. The lockdown will last for six weeks, from 11.59pm on Wednesday 8 July until 11.59pm on Wednesday 19 August. This decision comes as the number of Victorians diagnosed with coronavirus […]