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Lockdowns around Australia

As COVID-19 cases continue to spread, lockdowns have been announced across the country to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes in Southeast Queensland and the state’s regional cities, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

People who live in these areas are only allowed to leave their homes for five reasons:

  1. Essential work or education that can’t be done at home.
  2. Caring for a family member.
  3. Essential shopping in their local area.
  4. Exercise in their local area.
  5. To receive medical care, which includes a COVID-19 vaccination, or to get a COVID-19 test.

The latest outbreak is linked to a cluster in Bondi and breaches in hotel quarantine. The Bondi outbreak is the largest for New South Wales since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Six people were also in quarantine breach from the New South Wales lockdown. They were escorted by police from the Braddon hotel in the Australian Capital Territory because none of them had an exemption to be in another state.

New South Wales

As of 30 June, COVID-19 cases in New South Wales reached 186. This is on day five of the state’s lockdown. The New South Wales Government has now linked 17 of those cases and two cases are still under current investigation. In the last 24 hours the state has conducted 67,000 tests and is currently working on a post-lockdown plan.

You can find more information about this lockdown on the NSW Government website.

Southeast Queensland and regional cities

As of 30 June, COVID-19 cases in Queensland reached 45. This is on day one of the state’s three-day lockdown. The areas that are in lockdown include southeast Queensland, Townsville, Palm Island and Magnetic Island.

You can find more information about this lockdown on the Queensland Government website.

Western Australia

As of 30 June, COVID-19 cases in Western Australia reached five. There have been no new cases on day one of the state’s lockdown. The Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan still wants more tests to be done to make sure the state stays on top of things. Western Australia has now closed its border to Queensland and New South Wales. Anyone who wants to travel from Queensland or New South Wales to Western Australia must apply for an exemption.

You can find more information about this lockdown on the WA Government website.

Northern Territory

As of 30 June, COVID-19 cases in Northern Territory reached 10. This came after an outbreak at the Newmont mine site in the Tanami Desert. The Northern Territory Government has released a list of new exposure sites linked to the new cases.

This information will help keep the state’s residents aware of the high-risk
exposure sites:

  • A Zumba class at the Recreation Centre in Palmerston.
  • The Buff Club at 57 Stuart Highway in Stuart Park.
  • The Newmont mine site at the Tanami Desert.

This information will also help the state’s residents be aware of the new
casual-contact sites:

  • The Reboot Your Loot flea market in Palmerston.
  • A female public toilet at 1 Chung Wah Terrace.
  • Six shops in the Gateway Shopping Centre.

You can find more information about COVID-19 on the Northern Territory Government website.

Find out more about the lockdowns around Australia in an article on the ABC News website.

30 June 2021
Applies to all states