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Guide for healthcare providers on getting vaccination consent

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has put together a guide for healthcare providers about getting informed consent from people. A healthcare provider giving a vaccination must get the person’s consent before vaccinating them. They must get and record informed consent for each dose of the vaccination.

Consent can be either verbal or written. Written consent is not compulsory.

The COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary for all Australians, including people in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Before getting the vaccine, each person – and their guardian, or other decision-maker, if they have one – must give informed consent.

The ATAGI has also created optional consent forms for healthcare providers to use. These can be downloaded from the Department of Health website.

The guide provides information to help healthcare providers get consent for vaccinations and answers some common questions such as:

  • how much the vaccine costs
  • why you have to have more than one dose
  • what are the side effects
  • when someone should get medical advice after getting the vaccine.

You can find the ATAGI guide on consent for healthcare providers on the Department of Health website as well as copies of the consent forms.

19 March 2021
Applies to all states