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Legal resources for people affected by coronavirus

Justice Connect is a not-for-profit legal service that helps connect people and community groups with the lawyers and the legal help they need. They have developed a range of resources to help people with common legal problems related to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The ‘Accessing courts’ resources explain how you can access different courts under the coronavirus restrictions. The resources include:

The ‘Resources for Victorians who have fallen behind in rent’ resources explain how to negotiate rent with your landlord and avoid getting evicted. The resources include:

The ‘Financial troubles’ resources look at the financial troubles you may be having because of coronavirus, and steps you can take to solve them. The resources include:

The ‘Bankruptcy’ resources explain what happens during bankruptcy. The resources include:

The ‘Employment issues’ resources help you understand your rights and what to do if your employment has been affected by coronavirus. The resources include:

The ‘Understanding emergency powers’ resources covers what emergency powers are, why they exist and what their consequences are. The resources include:

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15 October 2020