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Mutual obligations to start up again

On 28 September, mutual obligations for people receiving payments like JobSeeker and Youth Allowance will start up again. This doesn’t include people who live in Victoria.

The Australian Government suspended mutual obligations in March because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Mutual obligations include things like:

  • going to appointments with employment services
  • applying for jobs
  • training
  • voluntary work.

If people don’t attend their appointments or meet their obligations after 28 September, their payment could be suspended or they might have to pay a penalty.

The reinstated mutual obligations will apply to all jobseekers, including those in Disability Employment Services.

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU) has labelled the announcement “cruel” and “callous”.

The AUWU also highlighted the impact this would have on jobseekers combined with the $300 cut to the coronavirus supplement from 25 September.

Original resource

You can read more in an article on the Pro Bono Australia website.

You can also check if the mutual obligations will apply to you on the Services Australia website.

23 September 2020
Applies to all states