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Understanding the roadmap for reopening – regional Victoria

The Victorian Government released its coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap for reopening on 6 September with different steps for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

From 14 September, some restrictions will be eased. However, the base principles for keeping safe will stay the same for now. You will still need to:

  • wear a mask or face covering
  • stay home if you feel sick or unwell
  • physical distance from others – 1.5 metres
  • cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow
  • maintain good hand hygiene.

The roadmap has four gradual steps to reopening businesses, schools and social life for people living in Victoria. The first step doesn’t apply to people living in regional Victoria as the number of cases in these areas is substantially lower. The dates and restrictions for each step are also different in some cases for regional Victoria. Progress to the next step will depend on the number of coronavirus cases at the time. (Please note these steps are specifically for people living in regional Victoria. For information for metro Melbourne you can read our article – Understanding the roadmap for reopening – metro Melbourne.)

First step

The first step in the roadmap is only for metropolitan Melbourne.

Second step

The second step will start after 14 September. The key points of the second step are:

  • you can still only leave home for:
    • school or work, if you can’t do that at home
    • care and caregiving
    • buying essentials
    • exercise
  • up to five people from two households can meet socially outdoors – babies under 12 months can be in addition to the five
  • if you live alone or are a single parent, you can create a single person bubble where one person can visit you
  • childcare reopens for all children
  • all students go back into schools from the beginning of Term 4 on 5 October, with safety measures
  • you can do outdoor exercise with a personal trainer
  • restaurants and cafes are still only open for takeaway and delivery
  • all retail will open including hairdressers – but not personal care, such as beauty therapy.

Third step

The third step will start when the number of cases is low enough. The key changes will be:

  • no more restrictions on when or how often you can leave your home
  • you can spend time with others – outside where possible
  • all retail open with safety measures
  • you can have public gatherings of up to 10 people
  • you can have visitors in your home from one other household – up to five people
  • restaurants and cafes open for outdoor seated service.

Last step

The last step will start after 23 November if the number of cases is low enough. The key changes will be:

  • you can have public gatherings of up to 50 people outdoors
  • you can have visitors in your home – up to 20 visitors at a time
  • restaurants and cafes will be open for seated service
  • all retail will open with safety measures
  • galleries, museums and other entertainment venues will open with some restrictions.

Original resource

You can read the government’s coronavirus road map to reopening on the Victorian Government website.

8 September 2020