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The social bubble – what is it?

As part of the Victorian Government’s plan to gradually ease out of Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne and Stage 3 in regional Victoria, people will soon be able to create a ‘social bubble’.

From 14 September, people living alone and single parents will be allowed to choose one person from another home to visit. This social bubble will mean that the chosen person can come to your home or you can visit them in their home.

From 26 October, if the number of cases keeps going down, all Melbourne households will be able to create a household bubble with one other household. People living in regional Victoria may be able to do this much sooner.

The single social bubble

Who can have a single social bubble?

  • A single person living alone.
  • A single parent with children under 18 years old.
  • A single parent caring for someone with disability or illness over the age of 18, as long as it doesn’t put them at risk.

Who can you choose to be in your social bubble?

You can choose anyone you want to be in your bubble, but it must just be one person. The person can live with other people, but you can only visit them at their home if they are alone when you visit. If you have a partner, you can choose them or another person to be in your social bubble, but you can’t visit both.

What are the rules for visiting?

  • You can visit your chosen person in their home when they’re alone. They are also allowed to visit you in your home.
  • You need to both wear masks when you visit.
  • You can only travel to visit between 5am and 9pm, but you can stay overnight.

Does the 5km limit apply?

You can travel further than 5km to visit the person in your social bubble. But if you’re in metropolitan Melbourne, you can’t form a social bubble with someone in regional Victoria.

Household bubbles

From 26 October, up to five people from two households can visit each other in their homes in metropolitan Melbourne.

People in regional Victoria should be able to do this before 26 October. This will be allowed when there's five or fewer new cases in country Victoria.

Original resource

You can find out more about what you can and can't do in our article – What’s allowed and what’s not? FAQs about easing Victoria’s restrictions.

Victorian Government website.

8 September 2020