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Free reusable face masks for Victorians with disability

People in Victoria who need care and support can now get two free face masks from their service provider or GP. The Department of Health and Human Services will be distributing 2.1 million reusable face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

People in Victoria can get the free face masks if they:

  • have a disability
  • have a serious health problem
  • have a mental health condition
  • live in public housing
  • are homeless
  • live in supported accommodation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and refugee or asylum seekers can also get free face masks.

Face masks are also available for support workers and staff working with vulnerable Victorians.

Where can you get the masks?

You can get the masks from your support services, providers, your GP or your pharmacy.

Service organisations can order the masks from the Department of Health and Human Services. Organisations don’t have to order the masks though, so if your service provider doesn’t have them, you can ask your pharmacy or GP.

The masks are made of cloth and will need to be washed after each time you wear them.

It may take some time before everyone has their cloth masks. You might be given some disposable masks while you wait for your cloth masks to be ready.

Original resources

You can find Easy Read information about the free masks on the Department of Health and Human Services website (PDF).

There is also information about how organisations can order the face masks on the Department’s website.

18 August 2020