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Disability Royal Commission coronavirus public hearing

The Disability Royal Commission’s fifth public hearing is about the experiences of people with disability during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This includes how the virus has affected them and their services. Although it’s closed to the public, the hearing is being livestreamed from the Commission’s website and video of the hearing will be available on the Commission’s YouTube channel.

The hearing will look at:

  • how the government has responded to the pandemic and supported people with disability
  • the challenges that different groups of people with disability have faced
  • how disability service providers have responded to the pandemic
  • what should be done to protect people with disability and keep them safe during the pandemic.

You can watch the livestream of the public hearing between 18–21 August on the Royal Commission’s website.

You can also watch videos of this hearing after it is completed, as well as the other Commission hearings, on the Royal Commission’s YouTube channel.

18 August 2020
Applies to all states