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Coronavirus hospital companion for people with disability

The Australian Government created the coronavirus hospital companion to help people with disability communicate important information to health professionals, if they have to go to hospital. The companion is a Word or PDF document that people can download and fill out with information about themselves and give to health care workers.

The companion asks for information about:

  • your cultural background and spiritual beliefs
  • the key people who support you
  • if you have breathing problems
  • your medications
  • if you need support to make decisions
  • if you have trouble eating, drinking or swallowing
  • what you need to hear and see
  • other important health information about you.

The companion also asks for the best way to communicate with you, such as:

  • spoken English
  • Auslan
  • braille
  • writing.

Original resource

Australian Government Department of Health website.

14 July 2020
Applies to all states