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The COVIDSafe app and your privacy rights

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has released information to help you understand your privacy rights if you choose to download the COVIDSafe app.

It answers questions about:

  • what the COVIDSafe app is and how it works
  • if you have to download the app
  • the type of information that the app will collect about you
  • how your information will be used
  • how the Australian Government is making sure your privacy is protected
  • when your data will be deleted
  • how you can make a complaint.

On 14 May, the Parliament passed the Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Act. This Act supports the COVIDSafe app and gives people who download it strong privacy protections. These include:

  • any data that is collected about you must be deleted when you delete the app
  • all data collected must be deleted at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the Minister for Health must report on how well the COVIDSafe app is working every six months.

Original resources

Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department

9 June 2020
Applies to all states