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NDIS Access Request Form is now online

To apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) most people need to fill out an Access Request Form (ARF). We have been asking for the ARF to be put online since the NDIS started, and now it finally is.

Having the form available online means that people can easily access and fill out the form at home. It will also help people to apply for the NDIS during coronavirus and while we’re all social distancing.

Some people will need to fill out the Supporting Evidence Form (SEF) as well when they apply for the NDIS. This is also now available online.

How can you use the ARF to apply?

When applying for the NDIS you can now:

  • fill out and email the ARF from your computer to  
  • print out the form and send it to GPO Box 700, Canberra, ACT 2601
  • ask the NDIA to send you forms in the post and send them back
  • fill out and return the form to your local NDIA office.

Email is the quickest way to get the forms to the NDIA and to get information back from them.

Your treating doctor or health professional will need to fill out Part F of the ARF before you send it back.

Supporting Evidence Form

Most people will only need to fill out the ARF. If the NDIA needs more information, they will let you know. They might ask you to get your treating doctor or health professional to fill out an SEF.

Other options

You can also call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to apply for the NDIS or contact your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA office.


Access Request Form (PDF)

Supporting Evidence Form (PDF)

You can find out more on the NDIS website.

Advocacy tips

  • Try to book a long appointment with your doctor if you’re going to ask them to fill out the ARF and SEF. The NDIA has rejected applications because there is not enough information from the health professional.

  • Ask someone else to check over your ARF before you send it to the NDIA. They might pick up something you’ve missed.

  • If you have applied before and haven’t been accepted as a participant, you can apply again.

  • If you want to speak to a disability advocate to help with your access request, you can find your closest advocacy organisation on the Disability Advocacy Finder website.

30 April 2020
Applies to all states