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The Australian Government’s plan to protect the health of people with disability

There are groups in our community who are more at risk of getting coronavirus, such as people with disability. The Australian Government has written a plan to help keep people with disability safe.

Why do we need to protect people with disability?

People with disability have a higher risk of getting coronavirus because they might:

  • need to have support workers in their home every day
  • have a health condition that makes them more likely to get very sick if they catch the virus
  • not be able to find the latest information in a way they can understand.

Many people with disability also need to have close contact with people from outside their home who support them.

People with disability are more likely to be affected by respiratory diseases, like asthma and pneumonia. Coronavirus can make these diseases worse because it can also affect your lungs and how well you breathe.

What is the Australian Government doing?

The Australian Government has made a new health plan for people with disability. They are working with state and territory governments, the health sector and the disability sector to support people with disability by:

  • sharing the latest health information in a range of accessible formats
  • finding out as much as they can about coronavirus and how it affects people with disability
  • making sure people with disability can get the supports they normally use
  • training health care and disability support workers about the best ways to protect against coronavirus
  • planning to make sure it will be easy to go back to normal after coronavirus.

Original resource

This information comes from the Management and Operational Plan for People with Disability published by the Department of Health.

You can find the original Plan on the Department of Health website.

You can also find the Easy Read version – Coronavirus (COVID-19): Our plan for keeping people with disability safe (PDF).

Advocacy tips

  • The implementation plan is still being rolled out. Keep an eye out for new resources that are specifically about support for people with disability.

  • Self-managing NDIS participants (and other NDIS providers) can apply for Personal Protective Equipment by emailing

22 April 2020
Applies to all states