DANA is seeking case studies for its Advokit website that provide examples of the way the NDIS has been used to enhance the life opportunities for people with disabilities. We hope that by building a body of knowledge about good experiences people have had using the Scheme others will be assisted in their thinking about what might work best for them and will be better prepared for their planning discussions with the Agency.

Thank you for wanting to submit a case study for consideration for inclusion on either the Advokit website or the DANA website. Your contribution is very much appreciated and will ultimately assist others receive the support they need.

We encourage you to submit sufficient words to provide a clear picture of a person’s NDIS experience but please be mindful that each case study will be edited and produced to make it relevant to a particular area of the appropriate website.

Your submission should focus on one or two aspects only of the subject’s NDIS experience.

As the case study will focus on a real individual and their experience, you should seek approval from the individual, and any other identifiable individuals in the case study, for the case study to be submitted and for it to be used, as deemed suitable by DANA, in both on-line and off-line environments. You should provide evidence of the approval received when submitting the case study.

Alternatively you may submit a case study based on someone’s experiences but with the details sufficiently altered to ensure that others reading it will not be able to identify the person concerned.

If there are any links that you wish to submit for consideration, then please hyperlink the appropriate text to the site you wish to provide.

After completion of the fields in this document, please email the document to info@dana.org.au.

DANA staff will consider your submission for inclusion on the site and may contact you for further information. While all care will be taken to preserve the integrity of the case study, you accept that DANA staff can and may edit and produce the case study as they see fit.

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Provide one paragraph describing the relevant circumstances and societal barriers faced by the person as a result of their disability.
Introduce any family members and/or carers who are also involved.

Current Arrangements

Describe the person’s support arrangements pre-NDIS. Were they adequate? What challenges did the person face? What was working/not working? Describe how it made the person feel.
Describe what the person wanted from their involvement in the NDIS. Outline the involvement of family members, and/or carers and any advocacy organisations.

Accessing the NDIS

Provide one paragraph describing how the person accessed support from the NDIS. How did they apply? What was the process like? Who else was involved (family, carers, advocacy).What supports were agreed. Were they what the person wanted?


Provide one paragraph describing the difference made, in the person’s life by the NDIS supports. Has anything improved? Has anything of value been lost or made worse? What do they like/dislike about it? How does it make them feel? What do they plan for the future?

Further Notes

Please provide any further notes or content which should be considered.

Last Modified: June 17, 2016