Protected information may be disclosed to certain Government entities on the initiative of the Agency or at the request of a State or Commonwealth Department. [s66 (1)(b)]

Disclosure may be made to:

  • Secretary of a Department of State of the Commonwealth, or to the head of an authority for the Commonwealth;
  • a person expressly or impliedly authorised by the participant to receive information;
  • Chief Executive of Centrelink;
  • Chief Executive of Medicare;
  • Chief Executive of a Department of State of a State or Territory, or to the head of an authority of a State or Territory.

NDIS information may only be disclosed to these people for a Departmental or Authority purpose or purposes. [Part 5.3 Rules-Protection and Disclosure of Information]

A record must be kept by the Agency of the information disclosed and the purpose(s) for which it was disclosed. [Part 5.5 Rules-Privacy]


Last Modified: July 1, 2013