A plan, once in effect, cannot be varied. However, it can be replaced. [s37]

The participant’s statement of goals and aspirations can be changed at any time the participant wishes by simply providing a changed version to the Agency to replace the previous statement of goals and aspirations. This creates a new plan and the Agency should provide a copy of the plan including the revised statement of goals and aspirations to the participant within seven days of receiving the changed version. [s47]

Altering other aspects of a plan, however, may prove more difficult. The statement of participant supports can be replaced following a planned review, a review initiated by the Agency under [s48(4)] or a review requested by the participant. To prepare for a review a participant should consider all the decisions made in plan development concerning:

Planned Review

Included in the statement of participant supports will be the date or circumstances in which the Agency must review the plan. [s33(2)(c)] As the relevant date (or circumstances) approach, the participant may wish to evaluate how the plan has working and identify any changes he or she would like to make to its operation and the reasonable and necessary supports which it funds.  He or she may also wish to revise the statement of goals and aspirations to ensure it accurately reflects his or her current context and aspirations.

Requests for Review

If dissatisfied with the operation or content of the plan, a participant may seek plan replacement before the specified occasion. He or she can make a request for review[SKC2]  at any time. [s48]  The Agency must decide whether or not to conduct the review within 14 days. This may be extended to 28 days. [s204] If no decision is made within that period, a decision not to review a participant’s plan is taken to have been made, which is a reviewable decision.  If the Agency decides to conduct a review, it must commence facilitating the review within 14 days and complete the review as soon as reasonably practicable.

Last Modified: June 28, 2013