Peer support generally involves informal sharing of what people have learned from their experiences.  People with disabilities often provide this kind of valuable support to one another, by sharing information and experiences, and providing encouragement.

Peer support may help people with approaching the NDIS process. For instance, someone who has experience with managing their own supports through a self-directed approach may help someone who is new to this by talking about challenges faced and things learned.

Peer support may be simply informal conversations between peers, or formal programs involving trained support workers. It may be between two people or amongst a larger group and may occur in person, over the telephone or the internet.  The Advokit aims to facilitate this kind of constructive information sharing, and encourages users of the site to contribute by providing stories and feedback. Please refer to the buttons at the base of each page.

As the NDIS Launch progresses, people who make access requests and encounter challenges and successes will build up skills and knowledge of how the process works, which they may wish to share.

Last Modified: March 12, 2014