The person meets the early intervention requirements, if

  1. the person has permanent intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairment/s; permanent impairment/s attributable to a psychiatric condition; or is a child with developmental delay; and
  2. the provision of early intervention supports is likely to reduce the person’s future needs for supports in relation to disability; and
  3. the provision of early intervention supports is likely to:
    1. mitigate, alleviate or prevent the deterioration of the functional capacity of the person to undertake communication, social interaction, learning, mobility, self-care or self-management; or
    2. strengthen the sustainability of the informal supports available to the person, including through building the capacity of the person’s carer.

The criteria to be used in assessing whether early intervention supports are likely to reduce a person’s future need for supports are in found in Part 6.8-6.11 Draft Rules- Becoming a Participant. They point to the evidence and information that would be relevant in making this assessment and may assist in preparing an access request.