A participant can decide how involved to be in developing a statement of participant supports:

  • Let the Agency develop a statement for the participant, in accordance with the relevant criteria and influenced by the participant’s statement of goals and aspirations

The risk of providing minimal input is that the plan will not adequately address the person’s needs, or respond to individual aspirations or preferences.

  • Cooperate with the Agency to develop a statement consistent with the relevant criteria

Collaborating with the Agency to develop the statement may have advantages in drawing on Agency knowledge of the criteria and the supports that are generally approved.  There is a risk that heavy Agency involvement may compromise the self-directed nature of the supports. However, a collaborative and respectful process, providing information and opportunities to communicate and evaluate, could also empower the participant to exercise control and make informed choices that suit his or her needs.

  • Develop a statement and submit it to the Agency for approval against the relevant criteria

Maximum control may be achieved by developing the statement independently from the Agency. However, to ensure that the individualised statement of supports created by the participant is likely to be approved by the Agency, the participant will need to be familiar with the relevant criteria, and develop the statement to comply with all relevant rules and standards.